Pannolini Lavabili Scegliere Consapevolmente

Guida per utilizzare con soddisfazione i pannolini lavabili

Vestibilità: 4.5-15,8 kg
Tessuto esterno: TPU (100% poliestere) sia della cover sia negli inserti
Tessuto interno: 100% microfibra
A contatto micropile (100% poliestere)
Chiusura: bottoni e velcro (insieme)
Regolazione taglia: 3 file di bottoni
Tessuto inserti: 100% cotone con micropile a contatto (100% poliestere)

Style – All In One

  • Components – 1-part system.
    Modular Snap In Soaker system allows for customization.
  • Closure – Both Hook & Loop and Snap outlast closure.
  • Absorbency – Hidden body layer PLUS cotton channeled soaker design is trim yet absorbent.
  • Outer – Water resistant TPU
  • Inner – 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece. Hidden Inner Layer: 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Sizing – 8-30+ LBS
  • Fit – Most generously sized GroVia diaper.
  • Laundry – Super absorbent, use ample detergent to clean. Bleach as needed.
  • Fun Fact – Great night time solution for the heaviest of wetters.